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Name  Website
Molly Beaver  
Christine Bedford  
Kathryn Bell  
Dee Belter  
Rosemary Buffington  
Dorie J. Chaille-Tiseth  
Shirley Clark  
Holly Claunch  
Starlet Culp  
Sandy Daniels  
Barb Dove  
Barb Drake  
Tracey Dunn  
Ryan Edwards  
Chris Elzea  
Rosemary Eyman  
Doug Flanagan  
Catherine Flynn www.ccoatesflynn.com
Roland Folse  www.folseart.com
Rich Ford  
Sandy Frank  
Glenda Sue Goodpaster  
Allie Goudy  
Margaret L. Hazlett  
Mary Lou  Hicks  
David Kerwin  
Carol Kessler  
George King www.kingpastelart.com
Pat Kittilstad  
Gwen Lewis  
Phil Locascio  
Dawn Maloney www.DawnMaloney.com
Ramona Manuel
Tracey Maras  www.traceymaras.com
Lorraine McFarland  www.lorrainemcfarlandart.com
Marilyn Merkley  
Debra Mielke  
Terry Moore  
Tom Myers  
Karen Nachtwey  
Connie O’Sullivan  
Don Ramsey  
Sheri Ramsey  www.sheriramsey.com
Mandy Roeing www.roeingarts.com
Tina Saunderson  
Sue Scaife  
Diane Shouse
Mary Corrigan Stjern  www.corriganstjernart.com
Steven D. Stoerger  
Kathy Summer  
Dianna Taylor  
Teresa Toler  
Pat Wheat  
Rita Williams  
Lory Williams Winford  
Rita Young  


Name E-mail  Website
Steve Scaife scaifes@comcast.net  


Name E-mail  Website
Anne Von Ehr annevonehr@comcast.net annevonehr.com

Copyright Notice
All artwork and materials contained on this website are copyrighted by the artists whose work is represented. 
No image or picture may be downloaded or copied without written permission from the artists. 
Many of the painting images you will see on this website may be available for sale in original or in print form by contacting the artist directly.

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